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A husband and a father to twin girls,  Chris was raised in Newport Beach, California and was influenced by the local surroundings and culture. With an appreciation for still life and historic structures, he found himself articulating his observations while planning to study Architecture in school.  During his studies, he was introduced to photography and the many possibilities the medium offers from fine art to commercial and residential properties.

Chris’s approach is to interpret his subject with refined composition and lighting to reflect more than documentation but a selective view that shows the feeling and impact of a scene. He feels that the works of architects and designers are an inspiration worthy of recognition and remembrance that should be captured and preserved with integrity. He is fortunate to have worked with many creative people and has an amazing talent for bringing out the unique qualities in ever property he photographs.

Today Chris resides in Corona Del Mar, California and is central to San Diego and Los Angeles. He is available for assignment anywhere his clients need him.


You can reach or 714-926-4226 to schedule a consultation.