Amber and Matt live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rather than being photographed with bright lights, noise, vehicles crawling bumper-to-bumper on Las Vegas Boulevard, and tourists watching their every move, this couple who loves the outdoors chose Willow Canyon in Laguna Beach, California for their engagement photographs.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park’s 7,000 acres encompasses some of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California. Hiking through the park, you’ll see California as it has existed for thousands of years.

One of this Orange County park’s canyons is Willow Canyon. While hiking through this area of great natural beauty, you’ll see coastal sage scrub, and willow, oak, and sycamore trees. You might also see California gnatcatchers, orange-throated whiptails, mule deer, bobcats, and red-tailed hawks.

Amber and Matt will not be married in a Las Vegas wedding chapel or in an elegant hotel –casino setting in the city where they live. Their wedding will occur in San Diego County at Lake Oak Meadows in Temecula.

Lake Oak Meadows consists of several lakeside private wedding ceremony and reception sites in the middle of the Vitagliano Vineyard & Winery estate. Imagine the bride arriving for the ceremony is a white, antique horse-drawn carriage. Picture an outdoor daytime ceremony and reception in an area filled with trees and beautiful flowers or an evening event with fountains in the lake and sparkling lights serving as the backdrop for the ceremony.

Amber and Matt choose a beautiful outdoor setting for their Darnall Photography engagement photos and an equally-beautiful setting for their wedding. We wish the couple much happiness.


Laguna Beach Engagement_01

Laguna Beach Engagement_02

Laguna Beach Engagement_03

Laguna Beach Engagement_04

Laguna Beach Engagement_05

Laguna Beach Engagement_06

Laguna Beach Engagement_07

Laguna Beach Engagement_08

Laguna Beach Engagement_09

Laguna Beach Engagement_10

Laguna Beach Engagement_11

Laguna Beach Engagement_12

Laguna Beach Engagement_13


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Theresa and Reid met while they were attending California State University, Long Beach — on a beautiful sculpture-filled campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean, planted with 3,200 Helen Borcher flowering peach trees donated by the citizens of Long Beach. The Orange County couple’s love of nature in general and the ocean in particular prompted Reid to propose to Theresa while they were visiting Lido Isle.

Incorporated as part of the city of Newport Beach in 1906, Lido Isle is a man-made island within Newport Harbor. The Lido Isle Club House and the prestigious Lido Isle Yacht House are located on this upscale semi-private island. All residents of Lido Isle are members of the Lido Isle Community Association. They pay an annual assessment which helps sponsor the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade every year.

Chris Darnall grew up in the Newport Beach area and spent many hours sailing in this beautiful part of the county. He specialize in photographing local celebrations, among them baby showers, christenings, engagements announcements and parties, family reunions, and weddings.

Darnall Photography was honored to be asked by Theresa and Reid to take a series of engagement pictures for them at the Lido Isle Yacht Club at sunset. You can see from the looks in their eyes and their happy smiles how much this couple loves each other. I think they’re glowing more than the setting sun behind them in the last of the photos in the series.

Theresa and Reid will be married in Laguna Beach. I’m looking forward to sharing the event by taking another series of photographs of the happy couple. I will also be posting those photos in my blog.

Lido Island Engagement_01

Lido Island Engagement_02

Lido Island Engagement_03

Lido Island Engagement_04

Lido Island Engagement_05

Lido Island Engagement_06

Lido Island Engagement_07

Lido Island Engagement_08

Lido Island Engagement_09

Lido Island Engagement_10

Lido Island Engagement_12

Lido Island Engagement_13

Lido Island Engagement_14


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We all know that chocolate is a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but who would have thought that selling chocolate would lead to an elegant wedding at the Balboa Bay Resort?

Kristen was the assistant manager of a See’s Candies shop while in college. Reid’s mother was a chocoholic. She convinced her son to apply for a job at the shop where Kristen was working.

The Balboa Bay Club is the only hotel at water’s edge in Newport Beach Harbor. Reid and Kristen’s wedding ceremony was held outdoors at the resort with the beautiful marina as a backdrop.

The reception was held in the Balboa Bay Resort’s main ballroom. Something very special occurred during the reception. Kristen has a cousin who is a performer with Cirque du Soleil. Arrangements were made with the resort’s fantastic management for Kristen’s cousin to perform an acrobatic rope routine. How many times have you seen a young woman doing that at a wedding reception?

Chris Darnall of Darnall Photography is an Orange County wedding photographer based in Newport Beach. He captured Kristen’s attendants helping the bride get ready for her special Balboa Bay Resort wedding, and he took stunning photographs during the ceremony and at the reception.

If your interested in booking Darnall Photography for your wedding or event please visit his contact page.



003-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 004-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 005-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 006-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos

007-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 008-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 009-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 010-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 011-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 012-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 013-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 014-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 015-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 016-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 017-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 018-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 019-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 020-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 021-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 022-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 023-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 024-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 025-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos



027-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 028-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos


Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

029-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 030-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 031-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 032-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 033-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 034-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 035-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 035a-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 036-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 037-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 038-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 039-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 040-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 041-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos


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Special thanks to:

Wedding Planner:  Allison Varela
Hair: by Pattie Scheuerell-Lewis from Five Doors Down The Salon
Makeup: Micaela Blasco
Videographer: EPOCH Productions
Cake & Confections: Susanne Michel


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Amazing and totally original wedding. Eugene and Jess did a first look on the USC campus and then followed it up with their nuptials at the Huron Station in Los Angeles. Everything about their wedding was unique from the vendor hand rolling cigars to the pushcart filled with delicious authentic Mexican frozen fruit bars. Thanks Eugene and Jess for trusting me with your big day.


Engagement Locations: Laguna Beach, CA

I usually shoot engagements on the streets of downtown Laguna Beach or Table Rock Beach but this afternoon I wanted to look for something a little different and found it up Laguna Canyon Road at the Willow Canyon Park.  We arrived right when they were closing and had the park all to our selves.  Please contact Darnall Photography to schedule a consultation or to find out more about wedding and engagement packages. To see more Laguna Beach Engagement Shoots check out my other Blog postings or my website .


Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Eric and Danielle’s engagement shoot was amazing.  We started off at the Red Phone Booth in downtown Laguna Beach and then headed South to Table Rock Beach.   The sky was this rich dark blue color and Table Rock beach was all but empty, just us and the the pelicans.

Being an Orange County Wedding Photographer means I can shoot amazing engagement sessions all year long.

This has to be one of my favorite shots of the afternoon….. They were so relaxed and the lighting was perfect.

Beach Patrol by the true locals.

Sun Flare…….. I love this shot……

The waves were 5-6 that day so it made for some fun pics.

Thanks Eric & Danielle for an amazing afternoon…. I love my job………


Darnall Photography had the privilege and pleasure of shooting John and Jaisi’s wedding and reception.  The Reception and wedding were coordinated by Amana at Kismet Event and Design.  I shoot around 30+ weddings a year but there are few that stand out and this was one of them.  While I was shooting the entertainment I looked at my second photographer and just smiled  thinking I have the best job in the world. Jaisi and  John’s families were warm and friendly and made us feel like one of the family.  Here are a few highlight of the evening and I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed shooting them.