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Balboa Bay Club Wedding | Kristen and Reid

We all know that chocolate is a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, but who would have thought that selling chocolate would lead to an elegant wedding at the Balboa Bay Resort?

Kristen was the assistant manager of a See’s Candies shop while in college. Reid’s mother was a chocoholic. She convinced her son to apply for a job at the shop where Kristen was working.

The Balboa Bay Club is the only hotel at water’s edge in Newport Beach Harbor. Reid and Kristen’s wedding ceremony was held outdoors at the resort with the beautiful marina as a backdrop.

The reception was held in the Balboa Bay Resort’s main ballroom. Something very special occurred during the reception. Kristen has a cousin who is a performer with Cirque du Soleil. Arrangements were made with the resort’s fantastic management for Kristen’s cousin to perform an acrobatic rope routine. How many times have you seen a young woman doing that at a wedding reception?

Chris Darnall of Darnall Photography is an Orange County wedding photographer based in Newport Beach. He captured Kristen’s attendants helping the bride get ready for her special Balboa Bay Resort wedding, and he took stunning photographs during the ceremony and at the reception.

If your interested in booking Darnall Photography for your wedding or event please visit his contact page.



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027-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos 028-Balboa-Bay-Resort-wedding-reception-photos


Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

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If you want to see more of Chris Darnall’s work, please visit his website or his facebook page to view recent wedding and engagement photographs. Call Chris at 949-400-8895 to see if he is available to photograph your special event or send an e-mail to him at

Special thanks to:

Wedding Planner:  Allison Varela
Makeup: Micaela Blasco
Videographer: EPOCH Productions
Cake & Confections: Susanne Michel


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